This body of work is a debut collection of pastels for artist Maria Grazia Facciola’.  Until 2012, the artist viewed herself primarily as a photographer. These works represent an extension of her passion for portraiture from the realistic into the subjective realm.  

Her point of departure was one of Modigliani’s long-necked women, but inevitably from Maria Grazia’s feminine perspective. The women are mysterious, even to the artist.  Who are these colorful women?  Why are they melancholy, and what are their stories?  

Through pastels, Maria Grazia explores the subjects as if each could represent aspects of every woman. Combinations of vibrant color infuse a quintessentially Italian aesthetic.  

A few words about the artist’s philosophy:

The moments in which Maria Grazia experiences the most profound joy are when her photography touches people -- when, in addition to capturing their likeness, it captures their energy.  When her subjects see their inner selves in her photographs, it is a defining moment of bliss for her. “A glimpse into one’s inner beauty translated through a photograph is like magic that can be touched.” 

“'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”  – John Keats



Photo by Greg Kessler